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Executive Serviced Apartment

Are you working internationally? Visiting the UK for a short leisure trip? Or traveling with your family? You’re right where you need to be. Take a look at our stylish example apartment in Liverpool over the page to see if this is where you want to take your #staycation or #workation.

We have the resources and a team of dedicated professionals to help you find UK’s most luxurious serviced apartments in highly desirable city centres designed for ambitious adventurous guests like you.

Imagine a place where luxury, exploration, and serenity blend together seamlessly. That’s our promise to you – no matter if you plan to stay the weekend or the entire year.
Just let us know what you’re looking for and we will send you a handpicked personal proposal.

Property Sourcing & Below Market Value Deals

True, there are websites available for people who want to search for properties for sale. However, many of these properties would be priced at market value, making it an unsuitable choice for a strategic investor like you.

When you are cash-rich and time-poor, you need a property sourcing UK partner that is ready and willing to put in work to find as many hidden properties that are right for you – including the properties that never come to the market. We know exactly the kind of deals you’re seeking!

We have been in the industry for over a decade and have a vast network of property sourcing experts that can reach a large pool of sellers, owners, and intermediaries that have access to below market value deals that are at least 10% below market value.
Think Fylde Property Enterprises… think below market value deals!

The UK Property Market is Evolving

The UK property market is evolving, different from the way it used to be 10 to 50 years ago. And for over a decade we have kept track of the best opportunities in the property market.

As portfolio landlords we are experts in property investment and provide an independent platform for investors; landlord investors, property investors, or any investor seeking strong returns.

We identify exclusive investments in the UK’s top-performing areas… and source property investments that are positively geared and below market value you won’t find anywhere else, making investment worthwhile and ultimately making you financially independent.

Six C’s Checklist

An example of the level of intricacy We dedicate to sourcing world class properties

Your property needs to be a 3- or 4-bedroom property. Not a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom flat or house. You should buy properties where the tenants want to stay for life. Mum lives up the road, uncle lives down the road and kids are at the local secondary school.

You’ll agree with me that when you invest in stocks or shares, you’d want the best possible return on your investment. Well, it’s the same with property investment. So, do not just think about buying in your town, buy in areas that’d give you the best investment return.

The UK house prices including downturns, drops, and flat periods go up at 7.9% per annum on average. Sounds pretty good, but how do you take advantage of that?

  1. Buy in a town or a city (population 80,000+)
  2. Buy within 5 miles of the town or city centre (measured by town hall or train station) – 7 miles if Manchester or London
  3. Buy close to a great secondary school (Ofsted needs to be good or outstanding)
  4. Buy on a good public transport network – bus, tram, train
  5. Buy on a great road network

If you buy in a village and the local factory shuts with 100 people losing their job, micro-economics kicks in and you get no price rises for 10 years.


Once you buy an investment property you should never need to put money into the deal again. NEVER. You do this by ensuring you buy them with enough great cash flow. Now obviously we want them to have as much cash flow as possible – but what is the rule they have to pass?

  • Rent – see what the rent is for this particular property.
  • Mortgage – we can get crazy rates these days but do the mortgage at 4% (interest only) for your cash flow check as you then know it will cover you for at least the next 5-8 years based on what banks are currently charging.
  • Maintenance – £80 per month (we manage hundreds so we know).
  • Insurance – put £20 per month (you can often get a little cheaper)
  • Letting agent (budget 11% +VAT) – you may choose to manage it yourself but what if you get ill.
  • Your cash flow check – you assume the property is empty for 1 month a year. So rented January to November and empty in December.

In this example with £120 profit per month by the end of November you would have £120 x 11 = £1,320. This number MUST be higher than the rent for month 12 (in this example £600pm rent).

If the £1,320 of profit covers the rent in month 12 if it is empty, then it has passed this check. If it does not pass it then do not buy the property.

This is the biggest one missed by even serious investors. You don’t need to now. Check your property will always rent well before you buy it.

So as soon as you agree to buy a property then advertise it to rent. You can use Zoopla or the local newspaper and advertise the property. You are looking for 10 replies within a week otherwise you walk away. I don’t care how many other of the Six C’s it meets if it does not pass this DO NOT BUY it.

If 5 people are interested and 3 view it and 1 wants it, they have chosen you – you did not choose them! But if 20 people are interested and 10 view it and 5 want it now you can ask for bank statements, wage slips, guarantors – the works!

Finally, do not put every single penny you have into your property investing. Always keep 4.5% as a buffer to protect you. So, if you are investing 100k then actually use 95.5k to buy the properties and get them all up and running and keep 4.5% in the rainy-day contingency fund.

If its £1,000,000 you are investing, then actually use £955,000 and keep £45,000 to protect the investment. Any great business has contingency to protect it!

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